Unstoppable Domains is quickly becoming the #1 domains registrar in Web3; with over 2 million NFT Domains sold. Owning your name on the blockchain is becoming the hottest trend in cryptocurrency. Build your new Web3 identity with a NFT Domain and start taking advantage of the new decentralized web.

Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains

About Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains is a service provider for Web3-based NFT Domains. With over 2 million Unstoppable Domains registered, they are the #1 provider for Web3 NFT domains secured on the blockchain. We can say, they are equivalent of well-known Godaddy, the largest provider of Web2 domains i.e. .com, .net, .org.

Make a domain search today, and secure your web3 identity. Use your new NFT domain name as your crypto payment address, a unique web3 username or website URL.

Currently there are 9 Web3 NFT domain extensions to choose your name with: .crypto .bitcoin .x .nft .blockchain .dao .wallet .zil & .888.

Unstoppable Domains

What Are NFT Domains?

NFT domains are NFT tokens representing Web3 domain names. They are publicly and securely recorded to the blockchain and give users complete ownership over their stored data.

However, a great benefit to owning your own NFT domain name, is simplifying crypto transactions with a more human-readable domain name, replacing your cryptocurrency wallet address. Also, use your new NFT domain as your Web3 username and/or Website URL, which also allows you to easily create and host your first Web3 website.

Advantages To Using Unstoppable Domains

Disadvantages To Using Unstoppable Domains

How Much Do Unstoppable Domains Cost?

The great thing about Unstoppable Domains is the cost. Remember, there are no renewal fees once you’ve purchased your name of choice.

Cost for NFT Domains start at $10, which can be paid using a credit/debit card, PayPal or Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Unstoppable Domains

The cost however varies depending on the name, character length and/or popularity of the word/terms.

Should You Buy All Unstoppable Domains Extensions?

It may be a great strategy to own as many TLD’s or domain extensions related to your desired name. Domains carry real-world brand value and securing all available extensions may give you branding advantages in Web3.

The top celebrities and/or large brands all own their domain name and the majority of available extensions.

A classic Web2 story was the sale of fb.com to Facebook in 2011. Facebook paid $8M for the domain at the time from its previous owner. Today, it’s reasonable to say fb.com domain has minimum value of $50M by itself.

Don’t risk having name squatters, impersonators or others rightfully purchasing the domains before you. Although, more extensions may become available in the future, the available extension are use currently and widely recognizable in the Web3 community.

How To Get Started With Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains

Search & Purchase Your Name.

Unstoppable Domains makes it super easy to get started, thanks to a simplified interface and user experience.

How To Use Your New NFT Domain?

You now own your first NFT Domain, well, not quite.

Unstoppable Domains

After purchasing your new name, you will need to then connect your web3 wallet (i.e Metamask, Coinbase Wallet) to your account; to secure the name on the blockchain.

By purchasing your name through Unstoppable Domains, you are simply reserving the right to own the name and use it in the future.

If you decide to use your new domain, you will need to start the claim process by minting it the Polygon Blockchain. Don’t worry, Unstoppable Domains covers all fees when claiming/minting your domain names.

Here’s some of the key features provided by Unstoppable Domains or what you can do with your newly minted NFT domain.

Keep In Mind

This may be the ideal time for you to get involved with Web3 through Unstoppable Domains. With continued adoption and innovations in Web3, why not, secure your name ahead of everyone else.

Remember, your name isn’t as unique as you may think and someone may purchase and start using it before you. Why wait to purchase your name on secondary markets, possibly costing you much more than you’re willing.

Unstoppable Domains is one of the fastest growing and innovative companies in Web3. Get involved and claim your name on the blockchain today. Create an account and start using your first Web3 NFT Domain Name.

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