The best crypto hardware wallets can help you avoid losing your money to hackers or exchange insolvency. Always remember, Not your Keys, Not Your Crypto, as self-custody is the best way to secure & control your funds or tokenized assets.

best crypto hardware wallets

What is a Cryptocurrency Wallet?

A cryptocurrency wallet is a computer program responsible fore securely storing access to user funds and interacting with the blockchain to verify transactions.

What is Cold Storage?

Cold storage refers to the method in which you store your altcoins/tokens. This method, usually involves an offline device dedicated to securing your cryptocurrencies and/or approving transactions.

Hardware Wallets are a type of cold storage, physically cut off from the internet, keeping your private keys secure on the device. Most crypto hardware wallets require a pin code and/or password combination to access the device and funds.

The Best Crypto Hardware Wallets

Here’s a list of the best crypto hardware wallets I’ve found or used as great solutions for keeping your Bitcoins and most other tokens safe.

#1 Ledger Nano X

Best Overall Hardware Wallet

Crytpo Hardware Wallet - Legder NanoX

The Ledger Nano X is the most widely used cryptocurrency hardware wallet on the market. A full-sized and featured version of the Ledger family, giving you everything you need to stay secure and transact with cryptocurrencies on the go.

#2 Trezor Model T

Best Hardware Wallet For Bitcoin

Crytpo Hardware Wallet - Trezor Model T

The Trezor Model T is the best Bitcoin Crypto Hardware Wallet for cold storage to date. With military-grade encryption and multi-sig technology natively supported, its the number 1 choice among enterprise companies and financial institutions.

#3 Ledger Nano S Plus

Best For Altcoins

Crytpo Hardware Wallet - Ledger Nano S plus

The Nano S crypto hardware wallet, is the smaller compacted version of the Ledger family. But, make no mistake, this crypto hardware wallet is more than capable of handling your everyday cryptocurrency needs.

Advantages of Hardware Wallets

Crypto hardware wallets provide the best protection for your cryptocurrencies. Here are some of the key benefits to using a hardware crypto wallet.


Disadvantages of Hardware Wallets

Crypto hardware wallets aren’t perfect as they do carry some risks. Here are some of the disadvantages to using a hardware crypto wallet.

Keep In Mind

Securing your cryptocurrency should be the first-step and most important thing you do before or after purchasing cryptocurrencies. The best crypto hardware wallets aren’t completely full-proof but they will limit your exposure to hacks and fraudulent transactions.

Prevent yourself from becoming a victim by losing your cryptocurrency funds or assets.

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