Bitcoin, Ethereum, not even Solona will make you a millionaire. What if you knew the 20 Top Web3 Tokens to be a Metamillionaire by 2024.

20 Top Web3 Tokens

With over a year’s research, I’ve narrowed down some of the best projects/tokens with the most utility for powering the Metaverse for years to come.

20 Top Web3 Tokens

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20 Top Web3 Tokens 2022 Price Snapshot

September 28, 2022

A snapshot of all token prices were made for price analyses and all-time high reference points.

Why 2024 target date?

The 2024 target date is a best case scenario, given the cryptocurrency space and most importantly the projects mentioned have greatly matured.

20 Top Web3 Tokens List

Here’s a list of the top web3 tokens I think have incredible utility and potential for supporting the Metaverse in the future.

#1 Streamer (DATA)

Decentralized Data Exchange

A Peer-to-Peer real-time data infrastructure establishing its platform and tools for a new data economy.

Learn more about Streamr here.

#2 Livepeer (LPT)

Live Video Encoding

A decentralized video streaming network and real-time encoding protocol empowering new creators.

Learn more about Livepeer here.

#3 Storj (STORJ)

Decentralized Cloud Storage

Build on the decentralized cloud with a blockchain-based, end-to-end encrypted, distributed object storage network.

Learn more about StorJ here.

#4 Energy Web (EWT)

Energy Grid Management

Energy Web is a blockchain-based operating system for energy demand and generation exchange. Envisioning and deploying an innovative energy grid management system, powering the new zero-carbon

Learn more about Energy Web here.

#5 Unlocked Protocol (UDT)

Access Management

Unlock empowers creators by monetizing their work with NFT-based memberships through token-gated

Learn more about Unlocked Protocol here.

#10 Morpheus Network (MNW)

Supply Chain Management

Morpheus Network is an enterprise-grade, scalable blockchain solution for optimizing commercial supply chains.

Learn more about Morpheus Network here.

Potential Gains.

Although there are no promises for massive or immediate gains; some projects show strong developments and communities, which may trigger price increases at any moment.

Morpheus Network Gains 300% in October 2022.

October was a great month for Morpheus Network as the price grew nearly 300%; Only 30days after snapshot.

Crypto Crash of November 2022.

In November 2022, the entire cryptocurrency market crash. However, the majority of the top 20 web3 tokens on the list never lost significant value. Great projects will always succeed and this may be your opportunity to get involve with this projects at a discount.

100x Price Prediction

In 2021, I recommended 5 tokens worth under a penny to buy. After only a few months, one of them skyrocketed over 1000%.

Next bullrun, don’t miss out on the next big cryptocurrency project to power Web3 and The Metaverse.

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20 Top Web3 Tokens to Be a Metamillionaire by 2024 (eBook)

20 Top Web3 Tokens

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